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Course Information

This Certification in Biblical Studies (C.B.S.) is a 30-hour program (a 15 week course) that will provide you with a foundation and fundamentals for Basic Bible Knowledge, biblical studies, and a personal spiritual development. This curriculum emphasizes Christian values as part of every course and a key focus on spiritual formation while developing a Christ-centered character that is visible through servanthood to God and others.


Courses You’ll Complete to Earn Your Level I Certificate


  • CHS101 Beginning Level Bible Study

  • CHS111 Basic Systematic Theology

  • CHS121 Understanding/Studying The Word

  • CHS301 The Flow and Functionality of God I

  • CHS302 The Flow and Functionality of God II

  • CHS100 Basic Bible Knowledge

  • BBI101 Old Testament Breakdown

  • BBI102 New Testament Breakdown

  • BBI200 The Book of Revelations


Registration Fee: $100.00
Tuition Cost: $750.00 (excluding registration)  *$50 per week*



Level I: Spring Schedule 2024

Classes will begin January 23, 2024

Classes will end April 30, 2024

Certificate Ceremony May 18, 2024

Level I & II: Fall Schedule 2024

Classes will begin August 13, 2024

Classes will end November 19, 2024

Certificate Ceremony December 7, 2024

Course Registration Form

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